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Please read the FAQs carefully to find out if you are eligible and to see other important information.

Powder brows is a more defined look which is perfect for brows that have been over plucked or are sparse. It is the longest lasting technique and is recommended for oily skin types (or dry) as oily skin tends not to hold pigment as well.

Hair strokes or nano brows is the implantation of pigment using a fine needle to mimick the natural hair strokes to fill in gaps and or shade behind the existing natural hair for a denser looking brow. This technique needs more touching up than any other method and is not always enough when a lot of hair is missing to be able to blend the existing brows.

Combination brows. This technique is a method that combines a powder brow shade and hair like strokes placed on top of the second appointment to create dimension ad more of a dimensional effect.

For work that has been done elsewhere you will need to email a picture taken in natural light without any make up on your brows. This way I can assess if they are faded enough for me to go over them or I can recommend you to someone to have them removed first.

Once they are light enough to be redone full price will apply. Touch ups are available to existing clients to keep the colour looking fresh.