Semi-Permanent Designer
Eyeliner Tattoo in Melbourne

Blurring the Lines Between Effortless

Beauty and Timeless Elegance

Bold Eyes That Speak the Language of Elegance and Beauty

The beauty of every bold look is that it encapsulates the strongest part of your personality and expresses it with utmost confidence.

Your eyes are one of the best ways of making that bold statement. At Cosmetic Ink Tattoo, we are devoted to highlighting your beauty and giving your eyes a bold touch with the best designer eyeliner.

We offer the exclusive semi-permanent designer eyeliner tattoo service in Melbourne curated to give your eyes a dramatic look that is both attractive and time-saving.

Winged eyeliner on a young woman | Cosmetic Ink Tattoo
Makeup artist applying precise eyeliner | Cosmetic Ink Tattoo

Benefits Of Getting Designer Eyeliner Services

Enhanced Eyes : The designer eyeliner tattoo we offer in Melbourne makes your eyes pop with a hint of subtle drama and exclusivity. These enhanced semi-permanent tattoos are ready to boast a defined look and lashes while still looking natural.

Look Good 24/7: Semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo inspires a change in you by making your eyes look good, and the same 24/7 for at least a few months.
Imagine the amount of time you save everyday on your eye makeup! Whether you are staying at home or going out, you are ready with the perfect eyeliner!

Waterproof and Sweatproof: Worried about runny eyeliner? With our services, you will never have to. No matter the weather or the lifestyle you lead, your eyeliner will stay bold without any smudging or wearing off.

Longevity and Convenience: The result of semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo lasts for months. Besides longevity, it improves your daily lifestyle and removes the hassles of makeup application.

Consult Cosmetic Ink Tattoo for Bold Eyes

Makeup Experts

Cosmetic Ink Tattoo offers the leading eyeliner tattooing services in Melbourne and has a team of eyeliner experts who apply the eyeliner precisely, giving your eyes a refined and bold look.



We understand the look and impression you want to create, which is why we help you make an informed choice at every step. We help you customise and choose the best eyeliner style and colour for your eye shape and colour.

Comfortable Touch-up

Eyes are a very sensitive part of the face and can cause a little discomfort, but not when you are at Cosmetic Ink Tattoo. We make applying designer eyeliner comfortable by using numbing products.


We use high-quality pigments that are particularly developed for designer eyeliner, which are considered safe for the skin. We maintain hygiene and sanitation at all costs to ensure your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

A designer eyeliner is a professional makeup service that helps create bold and dramatic eyes by applying eyeliner. The term “designer” denotes a high degree of applied inventiveness and expertise, frequently resulting in a distinctive or personalised look.

Our trained, experienced and professional technicians work creatively to give you the best designer eyeliner shapes. We offer the best designer eyeliner service in Melbourne that is specially crafted to give you a bold and dramatic eye makeup look.

Every skin has a different degree of sensitivity and pain threshold. That is why the level of discomfort varies from person to person, but we mitigate it with our best efforts. A topical anaesthetic or numbing product will be given before and throughout your treatment to guarantee optimal comfort.

A designer eyeliner lasts somewhere between 2-3 years, and then it will naturally fade over. However, there are different factors that influence the longevity of the eyeliner, including skin type, general health, and sun exposure.

Although most clients need a light touch-up every 1-2 years to renew colour and form, results can persist for years. Your skin type and lifestyle choices greatly affect how long something takes.

Cosmetic Ink Tattoo offers the most reliable designer eyeliner service in Melbourne at a price of $450.