Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo
in Melbourne

Get Luscious Fluttery Lashes

Eyelashes are one of the most defining features of your face. Have you ever noticed how your face appears after getting eyelash extensions?

That bold and beautiful look can be yours for a long time without the salon revisiting every month.

Want to know how?

Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo—a type of permanent eyeliner tattoo, just a bit more precise and closest to the lash line.

In this technique, the pigment is implanted onto the lash line giving it a bolder, fuller, and beautiful look.


Who Should Go for Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo in Melbourne

Busy Professionals

Eyelash tattoos are perfect for people with hectic routines who have less time to get ready in the morning. It also saves you time from salon visits for eyelash extensions with a permanent solution for months.

Lash Depletion Conditions

Facing temporary lash loss or severe hair loss due to serious medical reasons like Madarosis or Chemotherapy. Get an eyelash enhancement tattoo in Melbourne and feel confident even in times of stress!

Glamour and Industry

All the actors, models, and glamour industry professionals, who want to look their best even without any makeup should opt for eyelash enhancement. Step out of the studio or your place without makeup.

Allergic Conditions

Many people have allergies to the chemicals used in mascara and other eye products. And, those who wear contact lenses and get irritated by eyelash extensions should definitely get eyelash enhancement liner.


Professional Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo in Melbourne

An effortless and successful eyelash tattooing procedure depends on PRECISION! That’s why Cosmetic Ink Tattoo puts highly experienced and skilled professionals to work. Other than precision, safety is also a major concern and our artists take care of it every step of the process.

Perks of Getting Permanent Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash Tattoo Process

When you come for eyelash enhancement at Cosmetic Ink Tattoos, our artists will

Once the procedure is complete, our artist will give proper aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and the best appearance.

Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo, Melbourne

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not really! As with any cosmetic procedure, there are some potential risks associated with eyebrow hair strokes. These include infection, allergic reactions to the pigment, and scarring. 

But, at Cosmetic Ink Tattoo, we minimise these risks by appointing experienced, skilled, and expert technicians. They follow proper safety protocols and use sterile equipment.

There’s not much! Come to your appointment with clean, makeup-free brows. Discuss your desired brow shape and color with your artist, and bring any inspirational photos you may have.

Yes, you can! Eyebrow hair strokes are compatible with makeup. However, it’s best to wait 2-4 weeks after the initial procedure before applying any makeup to your brows. Once healed, you can use light powders or gels to subtly fill in any gaps or adjust the color if desired.

Absolutely! One of the benefits of eyebrow hair strokes is their smudge-proof and sweat-proof nature. Enjoy swimming, exercising, and even saunas without worrying about your brows fading or running. However, avoid excessive sun exposure during the first few weeks of healing, and remember to wear a hat or apply sunscreen to protect your brows.